Creating Constructive Cultures

New book by Janet L. Szumal with Robert A. Cooke

Creating Constructive Cultures highlights the change journeys of nine organizations in different industries and countries. Based on these examples and forty years of research, this book demonstrates how leadership teams can steer an organization’s culture in a more productive direction and avoid common pitfalls.

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Test Drive the OCI®-Ideal

Test-Drive the Most Thoroughly Researched Culture Survey

The OCI measures current culture in terms of behavioural norms — that is, what people believe is expected of them. The OCI-Ideal measures values — that is, behaviours that people believe should be expected of them to maximize effectiveness. Get an informative preview of the OCI-Ideal and the type of culture that you believe will enable your organization to achieve its goals. You’ll experience a subset of questions from the widely respected OCI-Ideal and receive an abbreviated feedback report (complimentary).

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