General Certification Workshop

Be in demand! The General Certification Workshop enables you to be certified in three of the most popular training tools in the world. You can use these tools in individual, leadership, and team development programs. This workshop also teaches the fundamentals of the Human Synergistics circumplex and its twelve critical styles.

Develop individuals, leaders and teams by increasing self-awareness and Constructive styles

Upon the successful completion of this workshop, you will gain the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes to Train and Develop individuals, leaders and managers, and teams to achieve improved performance, better interpersonal relations, and greater satisfaction through personal and team development.

Using interactive, experiential learning techniques, the General Certification Workshop will prepare you to:

  • interpret the Circumplex — the HS framework for quantifying, describing, and understanding styles
  • make connections between Constructive styles and effectiveness (e.g., teamwork, communication, creativity, leading)
  • provide insights on how individual styles combine to shape leadership performance
  • help individuals develop thinking styles that will lead to greater effectiveness, less stress, and higher levels of satisfaction
  • lead teams to greater levels of effectiveness and improved efficiencies
  • debrief individual, team, and composite feedback reports
  • coach leaders and managers on their personal styles to affect real change in their effectiveness
  • NEW! All workshops now include a individualized one-on-one debrief of your profile, as well as a post-workshop Practicum component, so you come away feeling fully confident in using the tools.

Tools Covered:

Upcoming Workshops & Registration

Due to current COVID-19 protocols, all workshops will be held virtually until further notice. 

Workshops are hosted from our Human Synergistics office in St. Marys, Ontario (90 miles west of Toronto), Montréal P.Q, and occasionally across Canada. Please verify the workshop location when registering.

Please see our workshop calendar for information about upcoming General Certification Workshop dates and locations.

If you need help registering or would like to know more about our Certification Workshops or our accreditation process, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist you.