We are delighted to invite you to: NEXT LEVEL LEADERSHIP – Learn from horses how leaders impact performance.

MUNICH, GERMANY – Friday 20th October 2023

Take part in a touching Deep Dive into high-performance leadership and team building in this unique one-day seminar utilizing practical work with the horses to gain powerful leadership insights. We will be merging the insightful data from “Leadership Impact” instrument with reflections and experiences with horses to create learnings with powerful and transferable to professional life.

Hosted by John van Etten, CEO of Human Synergistics Germany and his HS-team Germany, in cooperation with Prof. Sabine Kierdorf, with the aim to secure a sustainable transfer to the working live.

Each participant works practically with the horses by the hand (no riding). The seminar is designed for participants without horse experience.

Informational PDF (Englisch) – Download INFO – ENG.
Informational PDF (Deutsch) – Download INFO – DE.

WHEN?: 20th of October 2023
WHERE?: Munich
Language: ENGLISH


In her horse-assisted seminars and coaching, Sabine is focusing on helping CEOs, senior executives, and their teams to develop their communication and management styles.


Managing Director of Human Synergistics