What People Are Saying About The Culture Journey Experience

We're excited to offer this engaging approach to understanding culture, climate, and change management, and the people we work with are excited, too! Here's what they are saying about The Culture Journey Experience.

Culture Journey Learning Map Experience

“The Culture Journey Experience is a wonderful way to highlight culture as a complex social process from origins to ultimately necessary changes. Working through the map and the group exercises accompanying it are essential steps to understanding and evolving culture to meet changing organizational priorities.”

Edgar Schein

Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management

“This was one of our best presentations. Our members really enjoyed the entire presentation. The Culture Journey Experience is so relevant to organizations at this time. It was a great way for individuals to see how their organizations’ values and mission can be perceived differently among leaders in the organization and how important leadership is to keeping the focus. The map and the activities brought the discussions to life and opened the dialogue for our group. I believe this is a valuable tool for all organizations, especially ones that might be going through change.”

Krystena Sterling

VP of Programs, Greater Orlando Organization Development Network

“The exercises and activities used while navigating The Culture Journey Experience are a creative and engaging way to have discussions about work climate factors that shape behavior and reinforce organizational culture. The experience allowed us to align around a common understanding of both the complexity of culture and the importance of driving constructive behaviors in our organization. The map is a highly engaging tool to generate important conversations about cultural transformation.”

Tracy Nelson, MSOD, SPHR, CPLP

Vice President - Learning & Development/CLO, Center for Professional and Executive Development, University of Wisconsin School of Business

“The Culture Journey Experience is an incredibly creative, engaging and effective approach to helping people understand how culture, climate and leadership interact to impact results. It was one of our top events in terms of attendance and positive feedback.”

Matthew Berberich

Program Director, Atlanta Organization Change Alliance and Founder of Culture Changes Everything

"As Co-Director of Organization Development Network—Great Denver Region, I was so pleased to have Tim and his team come and facilitate an engaging session on The Culture Journey Experience. This half-day session was filled with numerous hands-on activities that help our members understand the importance of culture and ‘how to’ have a great conversation with their organizations (time flew by). The smaller groups worked and laughed together throughout the session. This was by far our largest turnout for the year (2018) and the feedback (no surprise) was superior. This will help you to easily understand and implement a culture framework at your organization. If you have a chance to go through this workshop, I highly recommend it!"

Gale Skinner

Co-Director of Organization Development Network – Great Denver Region

“The Culture Journey Experience breaks down the complex concept of culture into easily understood pieces. It truly is an experience that takes you on a journey to understand what makes up culture and what you can do to positively impact it within your organization. The built-in group discussions bring out diversity of thought and creative ways on how to bring about change.”

Angie Zeigler

VP, Talent Management, Oshkosh Corporation

“There’s no fumbling with a definition of culture change with Human Synergistics’ new tools. Our ODN Chicago members loved it. We got into problem solving and innovation quickly. Contracting for outcomes came easily. Consultants definitely get the traction they need to do real OD work.”

Mark Kaufman

Previous Board Chair, Organization Development Network Chicago

“Our experience with The Culture Journey Experience provided definition and clarity to the process of cultural change. It allowed opportunities for robust and enlightening discussions about the challenges and opportunities inherent to the cultural change process and served as a highly effective tool for helping to align different stakeholders around the critical importance of culture in driving organizational performance.”

Jon Zulawski, SPHR

Director of Learning & Development, Center for Professional & Executive Development, University of Wisconsin School of Business

“It was indeed a pleasure meeting you at the GOOD Network (Greater Orlando OD Network) meeting today. I found your presentation to be a wonderful blend of theoretical foundations and practical application. Thank you for sharing!”


Greater Orlando Organization Development Network Member

“Excellent speaker—clear, personable and engaging. Fun and interactive to look at change from all perspectives; interesting with the map that one can interpret the pictures in many ways. Very comprehensive look at change from legacy to future and always impacted by constant external factors. Thank you for the workbook and will use it with an internal client who wants to engage associates on the future needs of this function."

Greater Orlando Organization Development Network Member

“This was the best session of the conference for me. Presenter, content, table activities and table debriefing gave a great example of journey mapping.”

Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) International Conference Attendee

“Excellent, excellent, excellent. Experiential, relatable and applicable.”

Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) International Conference Attendee

“This session was fantastic! Thought-provoking and with great takeaways.”

Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) International Conference Attendee

“Great program! It captured my attention immediately. The hands-on involvement in this class was extremely motivating.”

Denver Organization Development Network Participant

“This session was excellent! Provides a way to understand complexity. Provides practical tools and applications for understanding how culture is created and maintained and therefore how it can be changed in an effective, sustainable way.”

OD Network Annual Conference Attendee

“Unquestionable value. The format works extremely well to allow for the wealth of wisdom around the table to emerge. Great structure for dealing with understanding and addressing culture change.”

OD Network Annual Conference Attendee

“Great intro to organizational culture. Experiential. Covers all the essentials. And covers them well. Great to see a culture roadmap.”

OD Network Annual Conference Attendee

“Thank you for sharing this interactive experience and a different way to think through culture.”

OD Network Annual Conference Attendee

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