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Transform your team’s dynamics with Human Synergistics’ Simulations, the ultimate tools for enhancing collaboration and performance through immersive, engaging exercises. Survival simulations put your teams in unfamiliar scenarios. Teams must then make decisions on items that may or may not be useful in their survival, first as individuals and then as a team. The teams that do better than the highest scoring person on their team achieve synergy.

Business and Challenge simulations present teams with demanding yet familiar scenarios, upskilling them in business-related topics, while developing problem-solving and decision-making abilities. Again, teams that surpass their top individual scorer achieve synergy.

By using a Simulation, you can: 

  • Provides clear metrics for assessing and improving teamwork skills. 
  • Encourage effective decision-making and group processes. 
  • Keep team-building activities fresh with these diverse and engaging scenarios. 
  • Use along with the Group Styles Inventory to further develop your teams. 

Comprehensive guides and support materials make facilitation easy! 

Check out our 60 second video to learn more about facilitating a simulation

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