Webinar – July 18, 2024 | Using AI for Culture Transformation

Using AI for Culture Transformation

Making a special appearance, Dr. Robert A. Cooke will discuss the timely and relevant topic of using Artificial Intelligence, in particular our proprietary approach to AI, to help leaders and teams make informed decisions about transforming their culture. Rob’s expertise provides a profound understanding of how culture and leadership assessments can drive organizational excellence. His work has positively impacted the realm of leadership, teams, and organizational development globally.

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Research & Publications

Research & Publications Our surveys and inventories have been used by both the business community to promote change and development and by the academic community to better understand the causes and outcomes of behavior within organizations. The items below includes books, articles, research briefs, reports, and dissertations that describe either the reliability and validity of […]

Creating a Thriving Culture in 2022

Kathy Hagler, Ph.D., shares an approach to organizational culture with heart and authenticity that leaders understand and can apply. In this webinar recording and slide deck, Kathy provides a case story, her model and process, and client insight for creating a thriving, constructive culture.

A CEO’s Impact on Culture and Performance

The distinguishing feature of leading organizations is their culture. It affects performance, employee engagement, and the ability to create an innovative and positive work environment.

The most critical factor in business success? Culture.

What’s the condition of your organization’s culture? Every organization has one. From a small business to a multi-national, it’s got a culture. From a team to a department to a division to a region to a country, it’s got a culture.

Culture Counts in Investor Decisions

If you are reading this post we can assume you think culture is important.  But investment in culture lags behind some of the other key contributors to performance: Brand, people, technology, process.  So perhaps culture’s impact on performance is not universally believed.  Executives have to focus first and foremost on those elements which will deliver the best return to their shareholders.  There is a community of investment professionals who spend their lives considering company valuations and whose opinion holds considerable sway on  share price.

The future of customer experience improvement is all about culture

When you think about companies that provide an incredible customer experience, it’s no coincidence they are the exact same companies that have amazing cultures. Think Southwest Airlines, Ritz Carlton, Zappos, Nordstroms…great customer service and great workplace cultures since culture is the ultimate driver of a sustainably exceptional customer experience.

“Customer experience” is a hot subject these days but many organizations continue to put their front line employees in the middle of a horrible customer experience and their employees are sick of being in that position.

How to change your organization’s culture

It’s like being lost in the wilderness if you initiate any major change effort in your organization without specifically knowing how cultures effectively evolve or change. It’s one of the greatest leadership challenges, but few truly understand how cultures evolve.