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Enjoy these videos from CEOs and other experts on how to transform culture and leadership.


Daryl Conner

Chairman, Conner Academy

Knowing What to Do Isn't Enough: Excerpt from the 2nd Annual Ultimate Culture Conference

Edgar Schein

Culture Expert and Professor Emeritus, MIT Sloan School of Management

A Preview of Organizational Culture and Leadership from Edgar Schein: Excerpt from the 2nd Annual Ultimate Culture Conference

Robert Cooke

CEO, Human Synergistics

How Culture Really Works: Excerpt from the 2nd Annual Ultimate Culture Conference

Martin Marquardt

Consultant, Ephektiv

Improving Performance & Shifting Culture

Martin Marquardt: Change is happening…

PPL staff sharing their change journey

Culture change efforts and leadership development within a 3,000-employee Pennsylvania electric utility.

Dr. Robert A. Cooke

CEO & Director, Human Synergistics International

Relationship Between a Leaders' Impact and Performance


Johan Barton

Director - People, Performance & Culture, KPMG Wellington


Clynton Bartholomeusz

Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand Beiersdorf

Leadership/Impact, constructive leadership and culture change




Paul Timmins

Managing Director, UXC Getronics, Australia, Pty Ltd


Shaun McCarthy

Chairman & Director, Human Synergistics, Australia & New Zealand

Rise of the Conscious Organisation


Mike Shove

CEO & President, CSC Asia


Zane Fulljames



Jim Varghese

CEO, Springfield Land Corporation