ACUMEN® Team Skills (TSK)

Research and Development by: The Acumen Development team with validation by Christopher W. Guest, Ph.D. and Scott Blucher, M.A.


Empower individuals to take control of their own skill development


Team Skills is a multi-rater feedback system for stimulating and guiding the professional development of team members. It is a 360-degree instrument designed to deliver performance feedback that enables individual contributors to take charge of their own personal growth and skill development.

Research shows that the team skills as assessed by coworkers are related to individual team members' effectiveness as evaluated by their superiors. For example, an individual's effectiveness at accomplishing tasks is linked to his/her initiative, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Organizing Work, Developing Expertise, and Quality Improvement skills (but much less strongly associated with relationship skills). More generally, different team skill areas are related to different aspects of effectiveness, confirming the importance of measuring multiple skill areas.

Respondents are provided with feedback on the quality of their team skills, normed against scores for others, and the relative importance of those skills. Self versus others results are provided for various sub-skills in the areas of Communication, Working with Others, Task Focus, and Business Values. The in-depth, personalized feedback report includes results plotted on bar charts.

 Unique Characteristics of ACUMEN Team Skills: 

  • Enables team members to compare how they see themselves to how they are viewed by others (including people within or outside their team) 
  • Provides team members with feedback of the quality of their task and interpersonal skills and the relative importance of those skills 
  • Helps individual members set priorities for the development of specific skills for themselves as well as the team as a whole 
  •  Monitors the personal and skill development efforts of team members 

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